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Thurlow Connections

Dedicated to the families of Sarah (Thurley) & Wolton Wigg, William, 
John & Susan (Froment), Jane (Thurley) & Thomas Cole, and their
Descendants in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere who have their origins in 
Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, England as their linkage 

Welcome to Ray's web site. My interest centres on the descendants of one particular English family from Cambridgeshire. Huntingdonshire, being a former county, and now amalgamated with Cambridgeshire is also central to this family history web site. Of great interest are the members of this family who emigrated to Australia and New Zealand during the gold rush period and this site pays particular tribute to their families, their siblings, including those who remained in England, and all their descendants.

What's My Purpose?

The site's major purpose is to:

  1. focus on the family name Thurlow (and its variations)
  2. find our relatives
  3. further our knowledge of the family tree
  4. share information and, more importantly
  5. provide a forum for the exchange of information.
How Can You Help?

With your help we can engage in discussions that will benefit us all so we can work towards achieving our objective. This will give us a better appreciation of the life and times of our ancestors. To date, so many generous people have already contributed in one way or another.

Another spinoff is that it may provide a launch pad for some to pursue their own genealogical research, and as some wise person once questioned the need "to re-invent the wheel", this web page may well provide the stimulus needed to build the foundation upon which to create and explore the family tree.

Leaves & Twigs

There are, of course, many other surnames that form the leaves, twigs and branches attaching themselves to the family tree: they are very numerous indeed and my database grows with each passing week. If you chance upon this site and you would like to check something out, by all means, drop me a line as this is quickest and easiest. And, if you think there is a connection, please feel free to share your knowledge. This way we can compare data and find the lines that connect our respective families.

If you intend to go it alone, I wish you good luck with your research. Touch base with me as often as you wish and please consider sharing your findings.

A Word of Caution

Whilst many visitors to this site may share the surname and/or one of its many variations, you will appreciate that not everyone will be connected along blood lines, or through marriage to "my" core family. It is therefore suggested that visitors contemplating a claim to my line first trace their origins to establish their ancestral link. Once this has been done, it becomes easier to sort through the linkages. My research is devoted specifically to these regions and I would like to share it with others who have a proven connection. So let's forge ahead and grow the family tree!

Some Background

A Little History

The narratives that follow are living documents and therefore subject to change as more information becomes available. They are in no way intended as definitive accounts of our families' history and must not, in any circumstance, be interpreted as such. The following are those who emigrated from England.
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